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Why using CurrencyFair?

You need to send money abroad and make an international money transfer? You would like to avoid paying to your bank large fees? CurrencyFair is the right place to go.

Introduction to CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair is an Irish company founded in 2009, recognized as a payment institution by the central bank of Ireland (under the European regulation commission), which allows to perform international money wire transfers.

CurrencyFair allows you to exchange currencies. For instance, Euros to Dollars (USD, CAD or AUD) or British Pounds (GBP), or vice versa. The conversion is done within the CurrencyFair office in order to wire the funds in the local currency of the beneficiary, thus avoiding the fees usually charged by the traditional banks.

Introduction to CurrencyFair

Indeed, a key feature of CurrencyFair is to make possible the exchange with others CurrencyFair customers. This seamlessly and transparent P2P (peer-to-peer) approach means that you can chose your own exchange rates.

More precisely, in case an other CurrencyFair customer is looking for an exchange in the other way and accepts the rate chosen, the exchange can effectively be achieve.

Why is CurrencyFair more competitive than banks?

That being said, if you prefer not to wait until an other CurrencyFair customer accepts your exchange rate, you may chose to exchange your money at once and at the best market rate.

How does CurrencyFair work ?

Here is, concretely, the process to follow:

  • You begin to open a CurrencyFair account, and you fill in your own personal details like your own bank account number.

  • You initiate a wire transfer from your own local bank to the account number CurrencyFair will provide you. Don't forget to specify the reference of the transfer (so that CurrencyFair knows it is yours).

  • You exchange the funds in the currency of your choice. To do this, there are two paths to choose from: QuickTrade or MarketPlace.


    You will be able to exchange immediately at the market rate.


    You will be able to choose your own rate. It is likely that a better rate, rather than the market rate, would match in the next few days.

  • Once the exchange is done, you will just have to carry out your outgoing transfer. Be sure to mention the IBAN of the receiver.

How does CurrencyFair work?

On TRUSTPILOT customers gave to Currencyfair the TrustScore of out of 5 based on reviews.

Good to know

CurrencyFair customers deposits are held in separate accounts and are also segregated from CurrencyFair own account. In other words, even in case CurrencyFair encounters financial difficulties, your deposit is safe.

Is my Money safe?

How much does it cost ?

CurrencyFair referral
Currencyfair: save on your international money transfers

At this stage, two different types of fees should be distinguished:

Exchange fees:

Between 0,15% and 0,3% of the amount exchanged if using the Marketplace (but this type of fee is already included in the amount displayed) and between 0,4% and 0,6% of the amount exchanged if using QuickTrade.

Outgoing wire transfer fees:

4 Australian Dollars or 2,50 British Pounds or 3 Euros according to the outgoing transfer currency.

Steps to achieve a CurrencyFair transfer
Avoid to be shorn by banks: use CurrencyFair
CurrencyFair Typical Bank
Transfer amount £ 2,000 £ 2,000
International transfer fees £ 2.50 £ 40.00
Exchange rate margin £ 6.00 £ 60.00
Total cost of transaction £ 8.50 £ 100.00

What does the referral scheme consist of?

Thanks to the referral scheme, CurrencyFair will offer you 60€ (or equivalent) for your very first transfer above 2.000 € (or equivalent).

How to enjoy this exclusive advantage?

It is extremely simple! You just have to click on one of the links on this page or if you prefer on this referral link and proceed to the registration. I remain at your disposal for any questions you may have.