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What services UsUnlocked offers?

Buy in the US from abroad

USUnlocked offers reloadable virtual cards attached to a United States billing address. Therefore, these cards provide full access to online shopping within the United States, even for non north American citizens. Indeed, it is not uncommon for some online stores located in the United States to reject credit or debit cards that are not issued by a domestic bank.

UsUnlocked cards
A virtual credit card for each purchase

Do i have to take other measures?

Of course, if you order physical goods, you should be able to provide a delivery address in the US. In case, you don't know somebody able to hold your goods for you, i would recommend choosing a forwarding company. Here is a list:

Moreover, in some cases, you will have to use a VPN too. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will allow you to hide your actual I.P. (Internet Protocol) address, and therefore, to appear from being connected to the internet with the I.P. of the server hosted by the VPN company. Because nearly all VPN companies own servers in the US, you will end up to appear connected from the US.

In which stores a UsUnlocked card is mandatory?

Given the numbers of online stores, it is difficult to give an exhaustive list. That being said, it is known that Fila, Apple Store and Microsoft Store will only accept US credit cards. You would also need a UsUnlocked card to take advantage of digital content offered by companies like Spotify, Xbox, PSN, Nintendo, Hulu and HBO.

How much does it cost to get a UsUnlocked card?

Unfortunately the services provided by UsUnlocked aren't free, and there are some fees associated, that you must be aware of before subscribing:

UsUnlocked fees
Transaction fees (per transaction) $0.50
Maintenance fees (per month) $6.50
Loading (bank transfer) fees (per load) $3.50 + 3.00%
Unload fees (per unload) $11.50

Pratical tips to avoid paying too much fees

In order to minimize the fees, which can quickly become prohibitive, i would suggest you to load your UsUnlocked account with the exact amount that you will need to make your purchase. Indeed, if your UsUnlocked balance is zero, then the transaction fees and the monthly maintenance fees are not charged. Also, you won't need to ask for an unload later. Moreover, a good way to compensate these fees, is to take advantage of the referral system.

What are the advantages of the referral system?

The referral system is very simple: the godson and the godfather both get $5. It is indeed not that much, but it would be a pity not to take advantage of it. Let me recall you the code to use: