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Who is Forward2me?

Forward2me is a UK forwarding company based in Preston in the UK. Indeed, from time to time, UK sellers don't want to ship outside UK, or even if they do, might charge a lot for oversea shipping costs. This is where Forward2me comes in.

How Forward2me works?

First, you begin to open a Forward2me account. This is completely free, and it just takes 5 minutes. You just need to provide very basic informations such that your name, address and Email. No sensitive data such that credit cards, or passeport are required. In return, Forward2me gives you a personnal UK address.

With this address, you are now able to order the goods you want and specify to the seller your new UK address. Once your parcel reachs Forward2me, you are notify by Email and you can then ask Forward2me to reship your parcel in your own country. Please note that there is no monthly or annual fees.

Forward2me referral
How does Forward2me work?
Which carriers Forward2me works with?

Forward2me works with the main carriers available in the UK: Royal mail, DHL, TNT, dpd, P2P and UPS. You may have an estimate before deciding to use them or not. Here is below a quote for, let's say a T-Shirt to the USA:

Can Forward2me order on my behalf?

Sure. Foward2me offer a service which is called: personal shopper. For instance, in some cases, the merchant will notice that your credit card is not issued from a UK bank or that your IP is not from UK. These security measures will prevent you from ordering yourself, but you can ask Forward2me to order on your behalf. For this service, Forward2me charges £15 or 10% of the value of the goods, whichever is the greater + VAT.

What is the combine and repack service?

If you order severals items, you can, of course, ask Foward2me to ship them separately, but you can also repack them into a single box. For this service Forward2me charges 2+ VAT for each package received that is being combined, but this way, you usually save a lot on shipping costs.

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